Ytsen van der Meer starts effective immediately as Venture Partner at Golden Egg Check. This appointment is in addition to his current position as Investment Manager at NOM, where he is responsible for investments in promising startups in the north of the Netherlands.

As Venture Partner, Ytsen will support the Golden Egg Check (GEC) team with their investment fund, GEC Capital. With this fund, GEC invests together with renowned venture capital funds in fast-growing tech companies. Since 2022, GEC Capital has now made 11 investments. Ytsen will provide his experience, expertise and network to select startups to invest in, help portfolio companies grow, and attract new investors to the fund.

Thomas Mensink (Golden Egg Check) is delighted with the reinforcement, “I know few investors as driven, active and connected as Ytsen. He can help us strategically with the experience he gained at NOM, and he can support our portfolio companies in attracting follow-on investments through his large network of venture capital funds in the Netherlands and abroad. I think Ytsen fits well with the strategy we have in mind with GEC Capital. I am thrilled that we can now realize our ambitions together.”

With his dual role as Investment Manager at NOM and Venture Partner at Golden Egg Check Capital, Ytsen has an active position in the Dutch startup world. Ytsen: “I look forward to being part of a team that is passionately focused on supporting startups and helping entrepreneurs turn their vision into reality. I am excited to work with the GEC team and contribute to the growth of the Dutch tech ecosystem.”

Marco de Jong, Manager Investments at NOM, also sees added value in the collaboration: “I have a lot of passion for entrepreneurship and believe it is important that there is sufficient support and capital in the early stage to support good founders. It is great to see that GEC Capital is active in this and I expect that Ytsen can mean a lot in this respect.”