Golden Egg Check – Selecting tomorrow’s winners
Startups are everywhere these days. We separate the wheat from the chaff. We work with and for startups, investors and corporates. Think of us as external analysts that can think like investors. We assess startups on potential and feasibility, and provide strategic insights with this. By our structured assessment approach, we collect valuable (benchmark) data about startups, their predictability and success.

Nobody can accurately predict which startup will be successful. But you can analyze the potential and feasibility of their plans and ask questions about underlying assumptions. We have developed a method and software to provides insights into the struggles and growth signals of startups. For if you want more than just gut feeling.

What we do
We offer services as well as in-house developed software tools to select and support tomorrow’s winners:

  • We help startups to find relevant investors
  • We do market research and investor readiness assessments for/ about high tech startups
  • We help investors and corporates to scout relevant startups
  • Our software is aimed at developing and assessing business cases and startups

How we help our customers

We help startups to bridge the ‘valley of death’, to grow faster and to get access to capital.

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We help investors to find great, relevant startups at the right moment and to support their investment decision better.

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We help corporates to get more insights into the opportunities and threats of startups.

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Latest blog posts
As startup analysts we collect a lot of data about the startup ecosystem. From time to time we publish blog posts about our analyses. Read the latest blog post below, or go here for all news and insights.

inkef at the money podcast
PODCAST: Corné Jansen (Inkef Capital): ‘Wij durven vroeg in te stappen bij startups waarvan we spectaculaire resultaten verwachten’
Veel Nederlandse startups die echt een groot succes worden, hebben Nederlandse venture capital investeerders overgeslagen. Denk bijvoorbeeld aan Adyen en
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Orchest podcast
PODCAST: Rick Lamers & Yannick Perrenet (Orchest) – ‘Ook na 20 afwijzingen van investeerders moet je geloof houden in je
Orchest ontwikkelt open-source tools waarmee ze het werk van data scientists een stuk aangenamer willen maken. En daar is de
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Youri Doeleman podcast
PODCAST: Youri Doeleman (Antler): ‘We nemen investeerders mee in onze logica om meer op executiekracht te beoordelen’
Van de big bang in de kosmos naar het levenslicht van nieuwe startups; Youri Doeleman heeft duidelijk interesse in de
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