Suffering from FOMO?
No worries,
we’ll help you.


All investors suffer from FOMO – fear of missing out. The good deals are only on the market for a short time, so you need to know where to find the good ones to get the right fundraising.

With Golden Egg Check, we’ve put a lot of effort into building what we call startup gravity over the past few years. Our goal is to get the best possible picture of startups that have plans to raise venture capital, by helping them in that process. For example with StartupRoulette in which we match startups with the most relevant investors. Or through our funding datasets, which allow us to better predict which startups will be in the market for a new round and when.

For StartupRoulette, we work with all investors who want to (a majority of VCs in the Netherlands now participate), and it’s free for them. But for the data-driven investors and corporates who want to get more visibility into startups that are fundraising now, we offer a ‘fan plan’.

This fan plan includes:

  • Every quarter an updated and categorized dataset with all VC deals
  • Every year a funding analysis report + dataset.
  • Every month an overview of all startups and scale-ups that participated in StartupRoulette (non-confidential info only).
  • Passive scouting; companies that report to us and that fit we send on (based on double opt-in). In short, a head start on other VCs.
  • Ask me anything; for all questions around funding and startup data we are available.
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