This is how we help startups:

  • We help startups with the right investment strategy and we match startups that we find (almost) investor ready with relevant (venture capital) investors.
  • We help startups to analyze and substantiate their investor readiness based on the criteria of almost all (venture capital) investors that are active in the Netherlands.
  • We conduct market analyses for innovative high tech startups to determine and support the go-to-market or growth strategy.

Investor search

Over the past few years, we have built up an extensive database with the profiles of almost all (venture capital) investors operating in the Netherlands, including TechNano Fund, SHIFT Invest, Peak Capital, Newion Investments, Cottonwood Technology Fund, Prime Ventures and henQ. We keep track of the preferences, strategies, and investment criteria of these investors. They give us information, we help them to find the best startups with it.

We use this database to precisely see which investors are relevant to your startup. That can as well be foreign investors that are actively looking for opportunities in the Netherlands.

Looking for an angel investor? We have our own network of angel investors and work a lot together with partners, banks and organizations that can complement us. We make sure you’ll get into those networks.

If you're looking for an investor now or soon, we can help to find the most relevant investors and get in touch with them.

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Investor readiness

Now or soon looking for an investor? We know how they assess startups and what they find important. We keep track of the investment strategies, preferences and criteria of (venture capital) investors, and we build our tools around that knowledge.

In a session we will screen your startup as investors would. So see us as a rehearsal, but then one that helps with your next steps too. After the session, we will provide you with quick wins and strategic recommendations to increase your investor readiness. And if you are investor ready enough, we can introduce you to investors that match you well.

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Market analyses

For years, we have been conducting market analyses for high tech spin-offs and startups. Our market analyses are always tailored and relevant. This implies that we try to capture the relevant addressable market; who are your potential customers, how big is your addressable market (both top-down and bottom-up), what are your main competitors and key players, what are current trends and developments for you? We collect market data and together with the startup we think about the interpretation of it and the consequences for the go-to-market or growth strategy.

For the same money as a standard market report from any market research firm ("market is forecast to grow to $XB with CAGR or XX%"), we provide real market intelligence as input for strategy and business planning.

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Our customers

We are convinced that our customers are satisfied with us. Contact us, then we can get you in touch with a similar customer so you can check his/ her experience with us directly.

In the past we have worked with startups that are active in many different fields, including: software & internet, life sciences & e-health, nano technology, energy & clean tech, big data & artificial intelligence, virtual & augmented reality, drones & robotica and smart materials.

Please find some examples below of our recente projects, tools and insights to help startups to find investors. More references are available upon request.

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(Nederlands) Ruim helft Seed Capital-fondsen loopt achter op investeringsdoelstelling
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