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Access to relevant investors

In the past years the European venture capital landscape has changed quite a lot: more funds, bigger funds, new angels. Everyone knows Northzone and Atomico (right?). We put a lot of effort in creating the whole overview of investors. We even think that we have the largest network of venture capital funds and angels in the Netherlands.

We can therefore help you to know what investors are most relevant to your company. Heck, we even know most investors personally. Some of them participate every month in StartupRoulette, our online speeddate event for startups and investors, but we can also introduce you to them directly.

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Our investor matching activities

Direct introductions

Get an overview of angels and VCs that fit your company and receive personalized introductions to those investors that you do not yet have a connection with


StartupRoulette is an online monthly speed dating event for startups and investors (VCs and angels). The most efficient way to meet new, relevant investors!

Looking for the perfect investor match?

Then join our speeddating event,  the BIGGEST venture capital matchmaking event in the Netherlands! We’re calling all founders that plan to fundraise within one year and want to get in touch with the most relevant investors. Via StartupRoulette, we found an informal and efficient way for startups and scale-ups to meet the most relevant investors, and vice versa. We offer you (up to) 3 speeddates with VCs that are active in your domain and that you don’t know already.

But if you want to speed up your fundraising process and get introductions to top VCs without waiting for the next edition. Then Direct Introductions is for you. You will receive an overview of relevant investors that fit your company and get warm introductions to the investors you don’t have access to yet. We understand that one of the biggest hurdles to raising investment is getting ‘warm introductions’ to investors. Therefore we will make sure you will get as warm introductions as possible.

How do our direct introductions work?


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