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The story of Golden Egg Check.

Officially started in 2015 as Golden Egg Check, but before that active in the startup ecosystem for years under the name B&M Business Development.

After years of helping technology innovators with market analysis, business plans, and funding strategies, something was nagging for several reasons.

The plans we often supervised often had the goal of conquering the world. Fortunately, in recent years it has also been about making the world a better place. With scalable business models, international potential and unique value propositions. As a consultant, you automatically become healthily jealous of this.

Secondly, the startup world itself. It was not transparent and full of coaches, mentors and educational initiatives that gave startups a push in a direction. Whether this was the right direction was hardly disputed. Fortunately, in recent years there has been more research on startup success, startup failure factors and the role of the ecosystem and investors in it. We decided to start a research already in 2015; what do (VC) investors pay attention to when evaluating business plans? Why those few plans do, and hundreds don’t? That turned out to be a big hit. To this day, the basis of the model holds up, we collect a lot of data and are frequently asked by journalists and we provide many insights ourselves through our blog, podcast, analyses and insights.

We believe in transparency of the startup journey, and the ecosystem. We like to share, and connect with enthusiasts.

We try to guide early-stage ideas through LaunchPlatform, but are equally happy to help startups and scale-ups that are ready for the first or next round of investment. Through services, insights, software and initiatives like StartupRoulette. Looking for these parties? Our software and services help you to select the winners of tomorrow.

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