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Is your startup investor ready?

Looking for an investor for your startup, or are you preparing to do so in the near future? Make sure that you are ‘investor ready’. We can help you with that. Golden Egg Check has done research on investor readiness in the past and keeps track of the investment strategies, preferences and criteria of (venture capital) investors. If you apply their criteria to your startup, you get an estimate of your investor readiness. This helps startups to understand and improve their investor readiness, and to better prepare themselves for investors (and their tricky questions).

Do you need help finding investors?

We can help you find and approach relevant venture capital investors..

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The criteria of venture capital investors

Venture capital investors use criteria to evaluate startups. Based on our network of hundreds of investors, we know they have a preference for:

Good teams with committed entrepreneurs who have relevant domain knowledge and strong track record, as well as complementary areas of expertise

Strong execution – teams with ambition and a solid go-to-market/growth strategy, and who are able to identify and manage risk

Startups with growth potential, including internationally, and a scalable business model

A great market opportunity – startups that have a clear target market that is large and growing

A clear and compelling value proposition – startups that solve a painful problem for the customer and can demonstrate market demand

Strong competitive advantage – startups with a superior value proposition that they can protect against competitors, and which can create an attractive position in their value chain

An interesting investment opportunity – startups with credible and attractive financial prospects and exit potential

Do you want to assess your startups investor readiness based on the investor criteria?
Want to know how to become more investor ready? We can help you by:

Investor Readiness Canvas

Download our Investor Readiness Canvas for free and get started with assessing your own startup.
Tip: Involve multiple people and compare perspectives.


StartupRoulette is an online speed dating event held every other week for startups and relevant investors (VCs and angels).

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Online bootcamp

Follow our four days online bootcamp full of master classes, coaching and connecting with investors. Once enrolled we will contact you to check if you fit the program and coordinate your schedule.

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Not ready for investors yet?

Have you been walking around with an innovative startup idea for ages and are not yet ready to apply for investments? Then go to LaunchPlatform.

We will help you with the development of your startup idea. Based on our principles and guidance you will start exploring the feasibility and potential of your business idea. We will give you continuous feedback on your input and make sure you have your own startup plan after 8 weeks.

At the end of this program, you will have:

  • A structured and validated startup plan
  • Insight in the feasibility and potential of your idea
  • A community where you can ask questions and expand your network
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