Security of Things fund invests in facial recognition startup 20face

Security of Things fund (managed by Value Creation Capital) just announced its investment in glimpse facial recognition startup 20face. Golden Egg Check’s Thomas Mensink is a startup scout for the Security of Things fund and sourced this deal for the fund.

20face was founded in 2017 as an innovative spin-off of the University of Twente that created its own technology platform & software to provide facial identification. We know the 20face team from the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Twente and have supported them several times, e.g. in their application for the Take-Off grant.

The edge of 20face’s technology is a unique combination of regional machine learning and AI algorithms that makes the technology extremely robust to lighting conditions, pose variations, low resolutions and even partly occluded faces; all that is needed is a glimpse of a face for recognition. The technology is extremely “light-weight” which makes it very suitable for embedding it in small devices and scaling it to a large volume of video streams. 20face’s aim is to develop the first worldwide glimpse facial identification platform that is privacy proof, user-driven and ultimately secured. This technology/software will be a key enabler in domains varying from hospitality, ticketing and healthcare to security, surveillance and cyber security.

Read the full press release on Value Creation Capital’s website:

Golden Egg Check helps YES!Delft with matchmaking event startups and investors

Golden Egg Check helped YES!Delft to organize ‘meaningful matches’ between startups and investors at today’s Meet the VCs event. In other words, making sure that startups would get in touch with relevant investors and vice versa.

With Golden Egg Check, we keep track of all venture capital investors that are active in the Netherlands. We used this database to make an investor selection for each of the participating YES!Delft startups. This resulted in a startup-VC matrix that we used to see what the ‘must-have’ VCs were for this edition of Meet the VCs. We invited them to be present at some relevant 1:1 meetings with startups, and a whopping 80% of them were actually present.

It took us (and especially the people at YES!Delft) quite some time to get the preparations right. But the thing is, our time investment made sure entrepreneurs and VCs could spend theirs effectively.

We hope to see some nice deals as the result of today’s matches!

Read more about our matchmaking and scouting services here.

Release infographic Dutch Cyber Security Market

Aldebert Wiersinga, managing partner at Value Creation Capital, yesterday released the infographic of the Dutch cyber security market (find it here) at the Access to Capital event at Hague Security Delta.

Thomas is startup scout for Value Creation Capital’s venture capital fund for cyber security startups: the Security-of-Things fund. In this way, Golden Egg Check helped to create this infographic by scouting and mapping relevant startups, corporates and other organizations.

We did our very best to find and map the cyber security startups and tech companies in the Netherlands, but we know that this will never be complete as the market is developing rapidly.

Did we miss anybody?

Read more about our scouting services here (for investors) and here (for corporates and governments).

Dutch startup funding in 2017: digging deeper into the data

How much capital was invested in Dutch startups last year? And what were the ‘hot topics’ and average round sizes?

We analyzed all startup funding deals in the Netherlands in 2017 and wrote a blogpost about it: 

Startup funding data to answer questions

We used startup funding data to answer these questions:

  • How much money was actually raised last year, having a closer look?
  • What were the hot topics of 2017?
  • What are average seed, series A, series B and series C