SHIFT Invest

Turning investments into impact

SHIFT is an early stage venture capital fund that invests in innovative start-ups as they strive to contribute to bringing back the balance between nature and society.

They are a sector focused investor with in-depth knowledge and network. At SHIFT, they look for significant impact regarding climate change, bio diversity, waste, water.

They typically invest €250K up to €5M per company as lead investor and are open to co-investing. The companies they invest in should have a realistic exit potential after 4-6 years of the investment, preferably through a 100% sale of the company.

SHIFT Invest also provides (pre-) seed capital of €100K up to €500K in convertible loans to very promising start-ups through the Thematic Technology Transfer (TTT) Fund which is built around a dedicated partnership with the technical universities in the Netherlands Wageningen University & Research, TU Delft, TU Eindhoven, University of Twente and the Dutch research organization TNO.

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