Which companies are set to add to the B2B SaaS sector’s clout in the coming years? Investors from Peak, Frontline Ventures, CapitalT and Visionaries Club share the non-portfolio startups on their watchlists.

Not one, but even two of our Golden Egg Check Capital portfolio companies are mentioned by investors as B2B SaaS companies to watch in 2024! 🎉 (And there are only 13 companies on this list)


Orq.ai is a generative AI platform for enterprises that enables teams to integrate with various large language models to build and ship their own GenAI apps.

We’ve invested in Orq.ai last year together with Curiosity VC and Spacetime (Adriaan Mol), among others.

Roseman Labs

Roseman Labs is working on privacy technology, specialising in secure multi-party computation (MPC). Its flagship product, the Virtual Data Lake (VDL), is deployed across various industries including healthcare, law enforcement, financial services and energy. With a strong focus on preserving data privacy and confidentiality, Roseman Labs helps organisations analyse and extract insights from sensitive data securely.

We’ve invested in Roseman Labs last year together with Matterwave, Spacewalk and NP-Hard Ventures, among others.

Great acknowledgment Roderick Rodenburg and team of Roseman Labs, and Sohrab Hosseini & Anthony Diaz and team of orq.ai!