Our aim at StartupJuncture as from the start been to contribute our fair share to improve the Dutch startup ecosystem. As one of the players in the ecosystem our role has been that of making insightful information about the ecosystem available to everyone and give a pulse of what’s happening in the scene at any moment in time. One of the things that has been in the making over the last few years is an annual overview of venture backed investments made in Dutch startups. In 2017 we counted 442 million euro, based on the criteria we have established. As always we depend fully on the announcements made by startups, investors and others about funding rounds.

The overview can accordingly be regarded as a ‘living document’ that is continually perfected. Therefore we welcome the extra effort Mensink has taken to provide us with new and deeper insights on the Dutch startup ecosystem.

Read the article on StartupJuncture: https://startupjuncture.com/2018/01/23/dutch-startup-funding-2017-digging-deeper-data/