New podcast episode with Inka Mero of deep tech VC fund Voima Ventures (live at Slush)!

This was actually one of those conversations where I needed some time afterwards to process all the valuable insights I got from Inka.

Inka Mero is founder & managing partner at Voima Ventures, is a Finland-based €40M truly deep tech fund launched in the spring 2019.

Prior to Voima Ventures, Inka has been active as angel investor and VC, and has co-founded no less than 7 companies.

The episode is ‘only’ 12 minutes but wow, it’s dense! For sure a lot of valuable information in this podcast.

These are some takeaways of how Inka sees the future of venture capital in Europe:

  1. More purpose-driven venture capital, e.g. via deep tech investing
  2. More investors with entrepreneurial backgrounds
  3. New VC business models that support the long lifecycle of ‘tough tech’ companies
  4. Diversity in terms of gender ánd talent

Listen here:

Thank you so much Inka and good luck with the important work you do at Voima Ventures!