Innovation Industries

A European deep tech venture capital fund

Innovation Industries invests in deep tech companies with ground-breaking technologies that can address the fundamental challenges of our time. It is the most experienced deep-tech VC firm in the Netherlands that has become a leading player in the Benelux region.

Their focus is on companies that are delivering real impact in their industries, ranging from climate-resilient vegetable seeds to safer and more efficient batteries. They are committed to catalysing positive change in the world, which is why they only invest in companies that support one or more environmental, social and/or corporate governance (ESG) goals. Innovation Industries focuses on both late-stage startups as well as early-stage founders who are making a difference.

Innovation Industries has more than 20 years of experience transforming companies. They are technology enthusiasts with decades of experience in (bio)physics, physiology, chemistry, engineering, and more. They take a hands-on approach to investing, where they act as not only a financial investor but also a business partner, actively supporting portfolio in reaching their growth and impact goals.

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