Yesterday Silicon Canals posted an article in which they asked some top experts to share their insights on the Amsterdam startup ecosystem. Amsterdam is thriving and the ecosystem has produced a number of unicorns. Dealroom published a report which stated that Amsterdam’s tech ecosystem hit €100B in value, making it the third most valuable hub in Europe. So the question is, can Amsterdam keep this up and what can we expect in 2022? We will give you a summary of the entire article, which you can find here!

Yoram Wijngaarde, Darya Krasilnikov, Emilie Verbunt and Thomas Mensink were asked the same questions, which sectors will grow and why, what new startup/tech trends can the city expect, what would you like to happen/change this year with respect to the Amsterdam ecosystem and what startup should we watch out for in 2022 and why? Some experts were asked about specific sectors; Daan Donkers was asked about healthtech, Peter van Sabben about edtech, Don Ginsel and Radboud Vlaar about fintech.


Yoram Wijngaarde, Founder and CEO

Yoram expects to see growth in impact-oriented startups, science-based startups and fintech startups. On being asked what new startup/tech trends Amsterdam can expect to witness this year, he answered: “A trend we’ve been observing for some time and is likely to continue in 2022 is: more data-driven approach by VCs, especially in early stage. Investors are increasingly looking at data for signs of growth and traction to find and engage with startups before the competition.”

Wijngaarde feels Europe and Amsterdam should start to feel more like one ecosystem in 2022. Hubs like London and Paris are more closely connected and have more collaboration within their ecosystem, Amsterdam can learn from that. The startup he picked to watch out for in 2022? Overstory: ” Impact-driven, science-based and on a mission to improve decision-making about our natural resources with data-driven information.”


Darya Krasilnikov, director, Amsterdam Center for Entrepreneurship

AI and Quantum software will be the biggest growing sectors, says Darya. This also translates to the new trends the city can expect to witness this year: “We expect AI-based tech to continue its strong momentum and shift its focus from industry 4.0 more toward societal issues. This trend will help the city address its priority topics such as a fairer and resilient society, healthy world, and more efficient economy.” In 2022 Darya would like to see more industry collaborations to accelerate the adoption of innovation. The startup(s) she thinks to watch out for in 2022 are Susphos and Photosynthetic. Respectively because of their skilful team and groundbreaking technology and its innovative approach toward microprinting.


Emilie Verbunt, Director, DutchBaseCamp

Emilie expects a boom in the fintech startup sector this year, as well as a rise in climate technology, health tech and biotech. A trend she expects to see in the city is more smart mobility or sharing, less people in big offices due to remote working. What she would like to change in the Amsterdam startup ecosystem? “There is a lot more funding around, so I hope we will witness a lot of Dutch scale-ups to scale quickly and successfully.”


Thomas Mensink, Startup &Investment Analyst at Golden Egg Check

“Fintech is definitely ‘hot’. That was the case last year, with investments in companies like Mollie, Silverflow and Mambu, but I believe this trend will continue in 2022.” He explains: “Ex-employees of successful companies like Adyen and Mollie are now starting new companies or are angel investing into startups. They bring capital but also operational expertise that will help to bring forward the next generation of leading fintech companies. It’s a self-reinforcing effect: new success companies can build on the shoulders of previous ones.”

Thomas thinks we will witness a continuing remote working trend, which makes it easier to hire talen from anywhere. This shift will make hubs more of a meeting point for founders and investors, rather than primarily a working space. “People won’t be there all the time, so they should think about how to facilitate meaningful interactions to keep their added value.” In 2022 Thomas is looking forward to more events to meet people in person and more effects to the efforts to create a more diverse tech eco system. “At Slush in Helsinki last year, I think at least one-third of the attendees, both founders and investors, were women. Amsterdam should be able to pull that off too, right?”

As a startup to watch out for in 2022, Thomas picked The Fabricant. “I wouldn’t be surprised if they raise another round of funding this year. Just look at their Instagram feed, it’s like you’re in another world!”

Daan Donkers, Impact & Trade Developer, Smart Health Amsterdam – Healthtech

Daan Donkers believes we will see the following segments grow in 2022: “Remote patient monitoring and care, Application of AI in healthcare, Image guided therapy.” Healthtech trends we can expect to witness this year are remote patient monitoring and an increase in VC funding in healthtech startups. “On many levels, remote patient monitoring is being developed and I expect 2022 to be the year when it will be more generally accepted, and integrated into regular care.” Daan would like to see a change in the healthtech sector attracting more young talent: “It is a super interesting sector with lots of startups really aiming to transform the healthcare sector. You can use your skills ánd make an impact.”

Examples of healthtech startups to watch out for in 2022 are InBiome and Nostics. “If they manage to optimally turn this in their favour, they have the potential to really change the sector.”


Peter van Sabben, co-founder & CEO Growth Tribe. Board Member TechMeUp & Dutch Edtech – Edtech

Segments that are expected to grow in edtech are Upskilling, tutoring and homework help and learning content and resources. Trends that will dominate 2022 can be seen due to the STAP budget: “Big push with the dutch government STAP budget (200m euro yearly) to help people with lifelong learning, where people get €1000 euro.” We will also see more startups to help with learning disabilities and disadvantages due to covid and more solutions for blended learning. Things that Peter would like to happen in 2022 are: “More collaboration with public and private initiatives, more edtech investments for all stages and more support for private academies who help with developing tech talent.” Which startups we should watch out for in 2022? “FeedbackFruitsPluvoChapter WorksIncisionItorium.”


Don Ginsel, Founder & CEO, Holland Fintech – Fintech

What fintech segments are expected to grow? Payments, regtech, capital markets and trading and personal finance and wealth management.  In the bigger picture of fintech Don expects to see more spillover between fintech and social and environmental themes and he says: “I see a strong interest from field outside finance into fintech solutions. Many companies are beginning to see that there is much to gain from seamless global financial solutions, across all fields.”

Don hopes to see “a stronger involvement of the public side, as still many policies and regulations are hindering innovation.” which might result in a disadvantageous position for the Netherlands. “That is a pity from a governance perspective, but even more worrying is that we are also unable to keep our citizens and businesses safe in this changing environment; or let them benefit fully from the economic potential.”


Radboud Vlaar, Managing Partner, Finch Capital – Fintech

Fintech segments that Radboud expects to grow are: Payments and related companies, crypto trading and marketplaces & travel. Trends to watch out for: “Increased focus of PSPs into value-added services as well as consolidation resulting in significant M&A.” In 2022 Vlaar would like to see some noteworthy exits by strong companies in the ecosystem, as there are many that have the potential. He says to watch out for startup Fourthline in 2022: “it has very strong KYC/Identity products that serve many bluechips resulting in very strong growth.”


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