Investors (and especially Dutch investors) really love traction! So, if you are a (high-tech) startup and you’re looking for venture capital funding, you should be able to demonstrate some traction. But how?

During the Fund the Future event this week we’ve discussed different alternatives of how startups can grow and raise funding – even if they don’t really have a lot of sales yet. Revenue is great proof of traction, but there’re other ways to demonstrate product-market fit, including LOI’s, small-scale pilots and experiments and selling the product-as-a-service first via consultancy.

We found it really interesting to have discussions with Edwin Vlieg (Moneybird), Nico Nijenhuis (Clear Flight Solutions), Jan Harmen Wiebenga (Triboform), Peter Hoekstra (20face) and Willem van den Berg (Value Creation Capital). Thanks!

Also a big thank you to the investors that helped the startups with great advise and critical questions, including Janneke Bik (Shift), Tom van Vuren (Innovation Industries) and Arjan Göbel (

We’re super proud of the 5 startups that pitched during the event. Amazing to see their progress over the last 2 months since they joined our Investor Readiness bootcamp. Keep up the good work Bitwolk Cooll, PEF Technologies B.V., Pureps, Vesiq and Mobina IT!