PODCAST – Anke Huiskes (Aletta Angels): ‘Silicon Valley is een snoepjeswinkel’

Van Twente naar Silicon Valley: het is de route die Anke Huiskes (36) heeft genomen. In de VS was ze tot twee keer toe de eerste commerciële medewerker bij achtereenvolgens smartwatch-maker Pebble en women’s healthtech-startup Willow. Inmiddels is ze Entrepreneur in Residence bij Intellectual Ventures. En staat ze aan het roer van haar eigen female focused angel-investeerdersnetwerk Aletta Angels. “Netwerk is key hier in de VS. Dat heb ik ondervonden als geen ander”

Anke liet een carrière bij Procter & Gamble achter zich toen ze zeven jaar geleden met haar man (startup-ondernemer Remco van den Elzen van Leap) en twee koffers verhuisde naar San Francisco. Thuis zitten als ‘de vrouw van’ was voor haar geen optie en dus stortte ze zich in het lokale banenaanbod. “Ik dacht: ik heb een goed stel hersens, heb bij een gerenommeerd Amerikaans bedrijf gewerkt, ze zitten op mij te wachten. Tachtig sollicitaties zonder reactie verder ontdekte ik dat het hier íets anders werkt….”

Beluister de At The Money podcast-aflevering met Anke Huiskes en Thomas Mensink (48 min). Dat kan via SoundCloud, Spotify en Apple Podcasts, maar ook via andere podcast-apps.

Lees verder op ons blog: https://medium.com/golden-egg-check/anke-huiskes-aletta-angels-silicon-valley-is-een-snoepjeswinkel-e264ec144088

Een begeleidend artikel staat ook op Emerce: https://www.emerce.nl/interviews/anke-huiskes-aletta-angels-silicon-valley-snoepwinkel

This is what gender diversity in the Dutch startup ecosystem looks like

Last year, some Dutch VCs launched a ‘diversity statement’, called #FundRight. The aim of this movement is to bridge the gender funding gap and achieving a divers startup ecosystem.

And it was badly needed; 13% of funding rounds in 2018 went to mixed- and female-founded startups, yet they received only 3.5% of the funding, according to TechLeap’s Gender Diversity Report.

No measurable progress in bridging the gender funding gap

Since we collected data about venture capital investments in Dutch startups anyway, we thought it would be a relatively minor effort to see if we could already see some improvements. How are the VCs doing in terms of reaching their own gender diversity goals?

Well, it’s still “om te janken”.

Read about it on our blog: https://medium.com/golden-egg-check/this-is-what-gender-diversity-in-the-dutch-startup-ecosystem-looks-like-cc4667aa11fa

And the most active venture capital investors in 2019 were…

In 2019 more than €1.4 billion was invested in Dutch startups and scale-ups by more than 290 different investors. What investors were most active?

We made a ranking of active investors based on the number of investments in Dutch startups and scale-ups they were involved in (first and follow-on rounds).

Please find our overview of most relevant investors on our blog: https://medium.com/golden-egg-check/and-the-most-active-venture-capital-investors-in-2019-were-dae4c583d134

Active investors include:

  • BOM
  • Innovatiefonds Noord-Holland
  • Antler
  • Value Creation Capital
  • Health Innovations
  • Inkef
  • henQ

Startup & Scale-up Funding Analysis 2019: What’s Hot in the Netherlands?

Last week, we wrote that Dutch tech startups and scale-ups raised over €1.4 billion in 2019 in part 1 of our funding analysis.

In this second part, we’ll look at what’s hot in the Netherlands; what are the popular cities and themes?

This blogpost includes:

Amsterdam is (again) the capital of venture capital

More than one third (37%) of all investments were in Amsterdam companies. Together they raised close to €700 million in growth capital. This is the same amount as all other cities combined. Amsterdam-based scale-ups also accounted for the largest chunk of Series B — and later — rounds.

Popular topics: same old and new trends

Some topics, like Online Platforms, Software/ SaaS, E-Commerce Fintech and Biotechnology were hot in 2019, but are in fact hot always. Themes that were specifically popular in the past years that we think give an interesting peak in the future are:

  • Sustainability & Impact — e.g. meat substitutes (Meatable, Protifarm and Boon) and circular economy
  • Electric Vehicles & (Urban) Mobility — e.g. Hardt Hyperloop, Scoozy, dott, Etergo, Snappcar
  • Sophisticated Software (Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Blockchain etc.) — e.g. Finturi, Dutch Analytics, PTTRNS.ai
  • Robotics — e.g. Smart Robotics, Accerion, SenseGlove

Read more on our blog: https://medium.com/golden-egg-check/startup-scale-up-funding-analysis-2019-whats-hot-in-the-netherlands-4e7500193fd

Investments in Dutch startups almost doubled in 2019. How come?

Dutch tech startups and scale-ups raised more than €1.4 billion in venture capital investments last year. That’s again a new high, and almost twice as much the year before.

How come?

In this blogpost we’ll explore how we can explain why the investments in startups have almost doubled in 2019 compared to 2018. We look into a number of different possible explanations:

  • more deals, bigger deals or both?
  • more later-stage rounds?
  • more Medtech deals?
  • more outliers?
  • more foreign investors?

Read it all in our new blogpost: https://medium.com/golden-egg-check/investments-in-dutch-startups-almost-doubled-in-2019-how-come-6073abe689ee

Dit is hoe ik Invest-NL zou inzetten voor startups 🚀

Deze maand gaat de nieuwe staatsinvesteringsbank Invest-NL van start. Er komt €2,5 miljard bij in een markt waar toch al aardig wat kapitaal voor tech bedrijven op de plank ligt. Zit Nederland hier op te wachten?

Ik denk dat er op hoofdlijnen een enorme kans is voor Invest-NL. Maar anders dan Wouter Bos denk ik dat die kans, naast grote projecten, zit in de startup fase i.p.v. in de €10–50M tickets (waar het al druk is).

Maar ja, hoe ga je efficiënt in startups investeren, zeker als je €2,5 miljard weg moet zetten? Dat is niet te doen. Of toch wel?

In deze blogpost legt Thomas uit hoe hij het aan zou pakken. Lees hem op ons Medium blog of discussieer mee op LinkedIn.

PODCAST – Inka Mero (Voima Ventures): ‘Deep tech startups are purpose-driven by default’ – Live at Slush

New podcast episode with Inka Mero of deep tech VC fund Voima Ventures (live at Slush)!

This was actually one of those conversations where I needed some time afterwards to process all the valuable insights I got from Inka.

Inka Mero is founder & managing partner at Voima Ventures, is a Finland-based €40M truly deep tech fund launched in the spring 2019.

Prior to Voima Ventures, Inka has been active as angel investor and VC, and has co-founded no less than 7 companies.

The episode is ‘only’ 12 minutes but wow, it’s dense! For sure a lot of valuable information in this podcast.

These are some takeaways of how Inka sees the future of venture capital in Europe:

  1. More purpose-driven venture capital, e.g. via deep tech investing
  2. More investors with entrepreneurial backgrounds
  3. New VC business models that support the long lifecycle of ‘tough tech’ companies
  4. Diversity in terms of gender ánd talent

Listen here:

Thank you so much Inka and good luck with the important work you do at Voima Ventures!


PODCAST – The Future of VC in Europe – Tuomas Kosonen (Inventure) & Alain le Loux (Cottonwood) – Live At Slush

🎙Second episode of the At The Money podcast – Live at Slush is online!

This time I had a conversation with high tech and deep tech investors Tuomas Kosonen (Inventure) and Alain le Loux (Cottonwood Technology Fund).

Inventure is a Nordic technology fund backing early-stage entrepreneurs. “Having our roots in Finland, we enjoy domains many don’t feel comfortable with, and make big bets on deep tech and scalable technologies.” Inventure is currently investing from their third 120M€ fund.

Cottonwood Technology Fund is an early-stage VC fund that invests both in Northern Europe & Southwest USA. Cottonwood’s investment approach and focus is on hard science, pre-seed, seed and early-stage funding.

🎧 Listen on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/at-the-money/live-at-slush-inventure-cottonwood

🎧Listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/3hycb6HBOv2A0deN45xskQ?si=H6aA6ukgSO-3niVPlBsyCQ

(and soon in all other podcast apps as well)

In this conversation we discuss (among other topics) how to invest in high tech and deep tech, how Europe becomes mature in terms of tech and venture capital (but is still behind US), and the risk of underfunding high tech companies.


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Thanks to Novel-T, the startup generator and incubator at the University of Twente, for hosting this podcast recording.

PODCAST – The Future of VC in Europe – Oscar Westergård (Antler) & Andrew Macadam (Microsoft) – Live At Slush

🎙Very proud to launch our first At The Money podcast episode live at Slush!

We’re exploring the Future of Venture Capital in Europe by speaking to a number of leading venture capital investors and record their insights for the At The Money podcast during Slush.

In this first live podcast episode, we had the pleasure to speak with Oscar Westergård of Antler and Andrew Macadam of Microsoft for Startups.

At The Money podcast Live at Slush

Antler is world’s largest tech startup generator and invests in talent first. Microsoft for Startups is, as you guessed, Microsoft’s program to support startups to scale.

The discussion is (among other topics) about investing in diverse teams, scaling across Europe ánd globally, and data-driven venture capital.

🎧 Listen on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/at-the-money/live-at-slush-antler-microsoft

🎧Listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/3lR1RZhFU4bi8uDUaiyWfp?si=Yo9OLs15Qri6K_Qm1WkuSg

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Special thanks to Novel-T, the startup generator and incubator at the University of Twente, for hosting this podcast recording.

PODCAST Ives van Hoorne (CodeSandbox): ‘De mindset van Amerikaanse investeerders is compleet anders dan die van Europese’

Gisteren maakte CodeSandbox, een online code-editor startup uit Enschede, bekend $2,4 miljoen te hebben opgehaald bij Silicon Valley VC Kleiner Perkins, het Nederlandse Arches Capital en nog wat angel investors.

Ik sprak Ives en Bas ongeveer twee maanden hiervoor bij mij op kantoor in Utrecht (de podcast van dit gesprek staat hier) over o.a. hun ervaringen met fundraising aan beide kanten van de oceaan, het besluiten om te stoppen met de studie om vol overgave te gaan ondernemen en hun tweetrapsraket om van CodeSandbox een miljardenbedrijf te maken.

Een deel van het gesprek is hieronder weergegeven. Voor het hele gesprek verwijs ik je naar de At The Money podcast (ook beschikbaar op Spotify en binnenkort ook andere podcast apps).

Link naar artikel: https://medium.com/golden-egg-check/ives-van-hoorne-codesandbox-de-mindset-van-amerikaanse-investeerders-is-compleet-anders-a88c7e62d4a1

Link naar podcast op Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/7uNIbzWgdGJcrwwguURryX

Podcast CodeSandbox Spotify