🎙Second episode of the At The Money podcast – Live at Slush is online!

This time I had a conversation with high tech and deep tech investors Tuomas Kosonen (Inventure) and Alain le Loux (Cottonwood Technology Fund).

Inventure is a Nordic technology fund backing early-stage entrepreneurs. “Having our roots in Finland, we enjoy domains many don’t feel comfortable with, and make big bets on deep tech and scalable technologies.” Inventure is currently investing from their third 120M€ fund.

Cottonwood Technology Fund is an early-stage VC fund that invests both in Northern Europe & Southwest USA. Cottonwood’s investment approach and focus is on hard science, pre-seed, seed and early-stage funding.

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In this conversation we discuss (among other topics) how to invest in high tech and deep tech, how Europe becomes mature in terms of tech and venture capital (but is still behind US), and the risk of underfunding high tech companies.


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Thanks to Novel-T, the startup generator and incubator at the University of Twente, for hosting this podcast recording.