🎙Very proud to launch our first At The Money podcast episode live at Slush!

We’re exploring the Future of Venture Capital in Europe by speaking to a number of leading venture capital investors and record their insights for the At The Money podcast during Slush.

In this first live podcast episode, we had the pleasure to speak with Oscar Westergård of Antler and Andrew Macadam of Microsoft for Startups.

Antler is world’s largest tech startup generator and invests in talent first. Microsoft for Startups is, as you guessed, Microsoft’s program to support startups to scale.

The discussion is (among other topics) about investing in diverse teams, scaling across Europe ánd globally, and data-driven venture capital.

🎧 Listen on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/at-the-money/live-at-slush-antler-microsoft

🎧Listen on Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/episode/3lR1RZhFU4bi8uDUaiyWfp?si=Yo9OLs15Qri6K_Qm1WkuSg

(and soon on all other podcast platforms)

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Special thanks to Novel-T, the startup generator and incubator at the University of Twente, for hosting this podcast recording.