The nice thing about recording podcasts with the founders you’ve invested in, is that you learn so much about their struggles, journey and insights.

Super cool to have recorded a new episode – while in Helsinki for Slush – with the always inspiring Lucy Howie and Arosha Brouwer, co-founders of Quan.

Arosha Lucie Quan and Thomas

Well-being software

Quan has science-backed employee well-being software to help managers and teams prevent burn-out and enhance team performance. They joined Y Combinator earlier this year and raised investments from 4impact and a bunch of (angel) investors.

Fundraising during difficult times

In this episode Arosha and Lucy explain why employee well-being is so important and share how to fundraise during difficult times.

Have a listen below (or on any podcast platform you prefer) and let us know what you think of it!

This episode is made possible by the NVP and a.s.r. Doenpensioen. You can download their whitepaper about pensions for startup employees here.