Blue Sparrows MedTech Fund

Blue Sparrows MedTech Fund

Early-stage medtech and e-health startups

The Blue Sparrows MedTech Fund is formed by 7 medtech entrepreneurs and 2 seasoned entrepreneurs with fund creation and management experience. The medtech entrepreneurs collectively have more than 90 years of experience in starting up and commercializing medtech companies. Their value and aim is to support early stage startup companies with active coaching.

The Blue Sparrows MedTech Funds focuses on early stage medtech companies. By that mean it can only be any technology or e-health solution that is used to increase health for the benefits of patients and doctors. It can be just an idea with a business plan.

The Blue Sparrows MedTech fund’s typicalinvestment size (for most first investments) ranges from 100k to 300k to developed proof of concept. Subsequently, the fund also funds follow-up investments.

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