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We are happy to tell you something about the things we are working on.

We are a team of startup and innovation enthusiastics. During the past 18 months we have worked together with scientists, business engineers, incubation and accelerator professionals and many entrepreneurs. With their help, we have designed and developed a dedicated toolset for innovative entrepreneurs who are starting up new businesses. We were inspired by gurus like Steve Blank, Eric Ries and Alex Osterwalder but also looked further and found great insights from Ash Maurya and Dave McClure for example.

With our toolset we address the two most important issues for an innovative startup:

  • Build a sustainable business and create value
  • Become investor ready and find investors

In the past months nearly 300 entrepreneurs have used out first beta toolset. We gained a lot of honest and positive feedback and used much of this information to build our next version of the Golden Egg Check. We are now testing it in a private beta, but we're about to launch the public version. Want to be one of the first to know? Get your notification by signing up.


We are about to launch, but still ask for a little patience because we are working on the latest feedback and tips we received from our beta users.

With our Golden Egg Check toolset we offer entrepreneurs, incubators and accelerators an online platform and toolset. It contains:

  • an online workplace to build and develop business propositions, a dynamic equivalent of the traditional business plan (including the lean canvas)
  • a check to assess the investor readiness of your proposition and know where to improve
  • a dashboard with results (potential and investor readiness) and a visual roadmap (milestones, to do's, achievements)
  • a dedicated online community with coaches, experts and investors
  • introduction to suitable investors

Want to know what it will look like? Check out this impression we posted on Slideshare. We would be happy to receive your comments and feedback, just send us an e-mail and we will get back to you asap.

We are offering a stand-alone toolset for startup entrepreneurs but also developed a dedicated portfolio toolset for accelerators, incubators, TTO's and investors. It contains specific features like a dedicated community, with your coaches, experts, investors and all kinds of metrics. Send us an e-mail for more information.

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Our philosophy

We believe successful startups are the positive outcomes of the combined effort of multiple people with multidisciplinary backgrounds. Therefore, we want to make it very easy for entrepreneurs to interact with people that could bring their startup to the next level in order to build high potential companies. Successful entrepreneurs are able to learn and know if and when to make a pivot. They will create value and know that their most scarce resource is, indeed, time. Because they lack the time to write comprehensive business plans, and since most business plans won't survive the first contact with the market, these entrepreneurs preferably do not spend time on large and complex business plans. They feel the urge for dynamics!

Therefore we have spent a considerable amount of time to find out:

  • how to support entrepreneurs to build their startup and innovation in a dynamic way
  • how to make it easy for them to learn from and involve others by sharing their proposition
  • how to offer a standardized assessment for their startup so that it would be really easy to gather multidisciplinairy feedback and create value

Get ready to start, build and pivot your start-up! No talk, all action!

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Get inspired by:

Steve Blank Eric Ries
Alex Osterwalder Ash Maurya

Our champions

It makes us very proud that already almost 300 startup companies and their coaches, mentors, etc. worked with our beta toolset and experienced its added value. We are also very pleased to announce that our portfolio toolset is adopted by leading incubating and accelerating organizations like:

Brainport Development Kennispark Twente StartLife Saxion Hogescholen

Investors are our key partners; they tell us what kind of criteria we need to use in our toolset. We have involved many investors, among them are leading Dutch venture capital firms like Newion Investments, Prime Ventures, GIMV and Value Creation & Company.

Newion Investments Prime Ventures GIMV Valuecreation and Company

In 2012 and 2013 the European Business & Innovation Centre Network ( selected our toolset as one of the most valuable ones in Europe for innovative entrepreneurs and supporting organizations. It was a great honor to present our tools at the EBN congress in London and Rovereto.


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You don't really want to be a laggard do you? Drop us you email if you are the innovator, the early adopter, the believer, and we'll let you know as soon as we'll go live soon!

If you are an incubator, accelerator, education or knowledge institution, investor or advisor and keen about a demo, drop us an email or give us a call at +31 (0)30 281 9628.

Follow us at Twitter @goldeneggcheck for info about startups, investors, the Golden Egg Check and more.

"In our search for investors for a new round of funding, we have assessed our proposition with the Golden Egg Check. This methodology and its corresponding tools have given us very valuable insights and above all allowed us to critically evaluate ourselves and our proposition from the perspective of a prospective investor. Within our team we already have experience with investors, but the Golden Egg Check has been a very fresh way to be well prepared for a new round of funding. In this phase of the investment process the check and the related company valuation offered us a perfect foundation for our conversation with investors.

I would therefore strongly recommend entrepreneurs to make use of the Golden Egg Check!"

Henny Oord, entrepreneur (

About us

In the past months we worked with many enthusiastic people in the field of innovation and startup and growing companies. Among them are entrepreneurs, investors, scientists (University of Twente and the Dutch Institute of Knowledge Intensive Entrepreneurship, NIKOS), professionals and experts. We will continue our cooperation with these 'friends' of the Golden Egg Check in the future.

We are innovation and startup enthusiastic, with backgrounds in business, software development and design. We would like to introduce the key members of our team to you:

Jaap Beernink Thomas Mensink Bart Raatgerink Dennis Eijkel Dennis Ikink Gilles Meijer

Get in contact with us:

We are based in the Netherlands. You are more than welcome to visit us at our office, but it is probably easier to contact us at:

P:+31 (0)30 281 9628


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