How we help our customers

We want to accelerate the growth and impact of innovative new ventures. By delivering unique online software tools and top quality services we proved to be a valuable partner for thousands of innovators. We help you to challenge a venture’s potential and its ability to create value. We help to improve by defining action lines and give guidance by monitoring case-specific performance metrics. To empower innovation communities (within companies, accelerators and educational institutes) we make it easy to involve relevant people (their expertise and network) via ideation, challenges and feedback tools.

New business development

Build and accelerate innovative ventures within or outside your organization.

Innovation assessment
Identify, classify and leverage new business opportunities that do not yet exist.
Boosting performance
Challenge potential, improve feasibility and accelerate success of new ventures.
Scouting & Screening
Discover ideas and startups, classify the opportunity.
Investor readiness
Check your investor interest ratio, become investor-ready and find suitable investors.

Check potential, feasibility & investor readiness

Challenge and assess innovative ideas and/or ventures. Our toolset offers a range of assessment opportunities by providing checks. Qualification is based on real-time criteria from active investors and involves multiple perspectives, but the toolset facilitates customized checks as well. Our highly experienced analysts can complement the use of our software. 

 Guide new venture development

Our software facilitates the development of a pitch book, strategy- and/ or business plan. We use lean startup guidelines like business model canvases, Golden Circles and in-depth modules. Our software allows you to develop specific business roadmaps and makes it easy to involve relevant coaches and experts. Together with our partners we offer different services like our early business development bootcamp.

ACCELERATE performance

If you want to accelerate performance and pinpoint action, you need to get actionable data on your relevant metrics. Our software helps you to organize and interpret your metrics by offering customizable dashboards. Use our market intelligence services if you don't want to miss the latest market trends, technology developments or specific peer group information.

INVOLVE a dedicated community

Innovation and entrepreneurship is not a one-man show. Therefore we make it easy to involve community members with their expertise and network via ideation, challenges, fora and feedback tools.

INSIGHTS to manage your portfolio & process

For portfolios we realize higher effectiveness and improve decision-making capabilities, monitoring intelligence and portfolio management. We also empower the creation and usage of innovation communities within companies.

DECIDE where to invest

For different investors, funding programs and corporate companies we do a (quick) market scan to help you to complete your due diligence and make more reliable investment decisions. For entrepreneurs we support your business strategy with market intelligence to increase the likelihood of getting funded.