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your business case.

The Golden Egg Check is an easy-to-use online (portfolio) toolset for entrepreneurs, investors, accelerators and innovative SME and corporate companies that helps you to build and share business cases and challenge their potential and investor readiness.

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Our toolset creates value for different types of users. We see entrepreneurs create single business cases, challenge themselves with the check and find out about their investor interest. Accelerators use our portfolio platform to strengthen their startups, and innovative companies use it to challenge their business cases and empower decision making.

For entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs, and of course their coaches and advisors, can use the Golden Egg Check toolset to build different business models, create a more in-depth business case and define roadmaps to success. You can also easily challenge your business case from an investors point of view by assessing it with our checks that include the criteria of venture capital investors. In different dashboard diagrams you will immediately see where to improve and increase the potential and investor readiness of your case. Need an investor? After assessing your business case with our check you will also see which investors matches you best.

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For startup accelerators.

For supporting organizations with respect to entrepreneurship (like incubators, tto's coaches, etc.) we offer not only a toolset for your entrepreneurs but also a portfolio environment with different tools to use during your scouting, screening and coaching process. You can easily build a dedicated community with entrepreneurs, coaches, experts and investors and will be able to monitor and guide your success as an accelerator.

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For innovative companies.

The Golden Egg Check offers you a new dimension in decision making with respect to early stage innovation within SME & corporate companies. The toolset allows you to assess business case potential and investor readiness with different tools, presented in dashboards for assessment scores, progress and roadmapping. Assessments are based on real-time criteria from real life investors and involve multiple perspectives, insights and expertises. The toolset also facilitates strategic and financial decision making on business case and corporate level by benchmarking business cases, monitor portfolio metrics and create best practices.

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For investors.

Create an investment account for free and see which startup companies not only need your investment but also perform well on the criteria that are important to you. Want more? Our portfolio toolset enriches your scouting and screening activities by providing assessment and benchmark tools. It also enables you to easily monitor the progress of the companies.

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Key features & Product screenshots.

Want to know what our toolset looks like? Check out these screenshots to get a quick impression.

  • an online workplace to build and develop a business proposition, a dynamic equivalent of the traditional business plan (including multiple business model canvasses)
  • a check to assess the investor readiness of your proposition and know where to improve
  • a dashboard with results (potential, investor readiness and progress)
  • a visualized roadmap to success with milestones, to do's and achievements
  • predefined reports like business plan and assessment report
  • a dedicated online community with coaches, experts and investors
  • introduction to suitable investors
  • benchmark business cases and monitor portfolio metrics
  • manage a portfolio and create best practices


We're very proud that hundreds of startup companies and their coaches, mentors, etc. work with our toolset and experience its added value. We are also very pleased to tell you that our portfolio toolset is adopted by leading incubators and accelerators and by truly innovative companies like:

Investors are our key partners; they tell us what kind of criteria we need to use in our toolset. We have involved many investors, among them are leading Dutch venture capital firms like:

In 2013 the European Business & Innovation Centre Network selected our toolset as one of the most valuable ones in Europe for innovative entrepreneurs and supporting organizations. Recently we are also nominated for the Accenture Innovation Awards 2014.

About us.

We are a team of startup and innovation enthusiastic, with backgrounds in business, software development and design. We'd like to introduce you to our team:

Bart Raatgerink
Cas Ebbers
Dennis Eijkel
Dennis Ikink
Gilles Meijer
co-founder & business
Jaap Beernink
co-founder & business
Onno Lint
Thomas Mensink

We believe successful startups and growing companies are the positive outcomes of the combined effort of multiple people with multidisciplinary backgrounds. Therefore, we want to make it very easy to interact with people and bring a business case to the next level in order to build high potential companies. Successful innovators are able to learn and know if and when to make a pivot. They will create value and know that their most scarce resource is, indeed, time. Because they lack the time to write comprehensive business plans, and since most business plans won't survive the first contact with the market, these innovators preferably do not spend time on large and complex business plans. They feel the urge for dynamics!

Therefore we have spent a considerable amount of time to find out:

  • how to support people to build their business case in a dynamic way
  • how to make it easy for them to learn from and involve others by sharing their case
  • how to offer a standardized assessment for their case so that it would be really easy to gather multidisciplinary feedback and create value

Based on our beliefs and extensive academic research, we have developed an easy-to-use online toolset for innovative startups and business cases within innovative companies, accelerators, incubators, and innovation centers. We hope you enjoy it!

And oh, we like to write about things that we come across on our blog. Check out our posts about venture capital, startups and innovation ecosystems (among others) right here.