Nimbus Ventures

Capital for scaling-up innovative companies

Nimbus Ventures is an independent venture capital fund for growth capital investments. This investor is active across multiple industries, all characterized by attractive technologies. They work for companies with a validated product market fit in terms of actual generated revenue. The business is technology-driven, has a scalable business model and demonstrates a high potential for growth.

Nimbus invests in European-based industrial companies with a substantial and evident potential for improvement. Nimbus seeks majority shareholdings or management control. Things they look for in companies:

  • Medium sized – annual turnover from 10 million up to 500 million
  • European based – Benelux, Germany, United Kingdom, Austria, Switzerland or Poland
  • Focus on industry – manufacturing, service or technical trade
  • Strong market position – although not necessarily leading
  • Promising – substantial and evident potential for improvement
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