LIOF is the regional development agency for the province of Limburg

LIOF—the Limburg Development and Investment Company—is the regional development and investment company responsible for the Dutch province of Limburg. The Limburg Startup Capital Fund (LSCF) is a new fund for startups and innovative SMEs that contribute with their innovation to the main societal transitions of the coming years: energy, circularity, health and digitalization. The Limburg Startup Capital Fund (LSCF) covers with a mix of financial resources the development of your innovative product, from idea to market and has two sub-instruments:

  • The Limburg Early Phase Fund (LVFF): with the LVFF we finance innovations – of which the feasibility has been demonstrated – in the initial phase of development (the so-called ‘proof of concept’ phase).
  • The Seed Fund Limburg (SFL): the SFL is intended to make the further development or growth of the innovation financially possible.

LIOF invests in the form of share capital, possibly in combination with a subordinated or convertible subordinated loan. The amount of financing can vary from €100,000 to €5,000,000. They usually envisage an exit after five to seven years.

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