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Game changing high-tech innovations is a Venture Capital fund focused on industrial frontier investments and driven by experienced entrepreneurs. With the core focus on Deep Tech, Robotics, Chips & Circuitry and Smart Industry, is spearheading investment in industrial technology which is transforming the way that things are done in key industries.

Here’s what looks for in a startup:

  1. Prototype ready product: If you have a proven technology, the firm can help you take it from prototype to the first version of the product that ships to clients
  2. Understanding of your market: “Show us that you understand the market you are entering. Who are the main players? What are the market’s dynamics? Does this market have unmet needs? How can your product meet unmet needs in this market?”
  3. Complete founding team: The founder’s team should have engineering, technology, communications, marketing, and people skills.
  4. A clear business plan: Describe how your product or solution fulfils an unmet demand. Include a product description, market research, competitor analysis, management structure and a marketing strategy
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