Eindhoven Corporate Finance Group

Eindhoven Corporate Finance Group

SMEs active in B2B markets in the south-east region of the Netherlands

ECFG is an independent, private firm that advises, assists and invests in SMEs active in B2B markets. Their activities are primarily focused on innovative and promising entrepreneurs in the south-east region of the Netherlands (the so-called Brainport region).

ECFG is predominantly strong in venture capital, corporate finance and mergers & acquisitions (M&A’s). Its fund participates with a minority interest (20-49%) in promising, innovative B2B companies. Often the investment will be done in cooperation with other private equity firms or informal investors. They prefer companies that have a competitive advantage (niche / top-3 position in a(n) (inter)national market / special technique or patent) and is established in the Netherlands.

Their expertise and experience is primarily focused on the following sectors: ICT, High Tech manufacturing industry, Agro Tech, Environment & Sustainability, B2B services with added value (ICT or intellectual property).

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