On 23 November we hosted a very special in-person edition of StartupRoulette, our speeddate event for startups and investors.

This edition was dedicated to deeptech startups and spinoffs in the TTT (Thematic Technology Transfer) program from the technical universities and research institutes in the Netherlands.

Thanks to all startups and investors that were able to join, we facilitated over 60 conversations! 💪💪💪

Some of the participating investors were: Invest-NL, Value Creation Capital, Positron Ventures, Rockstart Emerging Tech Fund, Progress Tech Transfer Fund, SHIFT Invest, YoV Capital, NextGen Ventures, StartGreen Capital, imec.xpand, DEMCON, DeepTechXL, Innovation Industries, Holland Capital, Glass Frog Ventures, FORWARD.one, Graduate Entrepreneur, Arches Capital, Stichting ifund, Bamboo Ventures, LUMO Labs as well as some angel investors.