SheLaunches is an online e-learning environment where female PhDs and tech-students can start exploring entrepreneurship. For and from SheLaunches we organized three Deep Dives the past weeks. The sessions were meant to raise awareness about different facets of female entrepreneurship, all given by female experts on their own topics!



The first Deep Dive was about Resilience, given by Petra C. de Weerd-Nederhof who has been an advocate of women in entrepreneurship for many years, and specialized in ‘resilience’. During the session we talked about resilience in general, the latest research regarding startup success and later focus on the main differences between male and female (future) entrepreneurs.

“Very interesting topic!” – Tess van Logtestijn



The second Deep Dive focused on a female founder, Susan Roelofs, Susan is an experienced technician and entrepreneur. She is founder of Locsense, a company that develops detection and control for scientists in cell biology. The session started with an in-depth interview and Q&A with Susan, then went on to a lively “discussion” about entrepreneurial characteristics.


Pitch workshop

The third and last Deep Dive for this year was a Pitch Workshop by Anna Heijker. Anna is an experienced public speaker and moderator. The workshop was a great ending to the Deep Dive sessions of this year. With her enthusiasm Anna gave a great workshop, explaining what makes a pitch stand out and how to add an element of surprise. The participants got to practice the opening of their pitch and received feedback on it.

“Really great session, super valuable.. and relevant to where we are with Mentorjam right now.” – Estelle Roux-Stevens


Overall, we had enthusiastic and active participants, that were eager to learn more about female entrepreneurship. In every session we had a least 10/15 participants. We hope we have contributed to their journey and in January we will organize new Deep Dives and explore new relevant topics! Follow us on LinkedIn to stay informed and for more general information you can visit