The TOP program is a (pre) seed fund for innovative hightech startups in the Twente region in the Netherlands. The Golden Egg Check team does a market due diligence on every company that aspires a position in the TOP program. In this due diligence, we retrieve relevant market information (such as market size, trends & developments and competition) and assess the venture’s proposition based on the criteria in the Golden Egg Check. This assessment serves as input for the TOP committee that ultimately grants the TOP positions. Some information in this blog post is derived from the market scans.

Every year we study and report the most relevant insights on the TOP startup community. Most recent results can be found here (report is in Dutch).

In this post, we provide an overview of all alumni companies of the TOP program.

Alumni TOP companies

4Silence (SoundInsight)
4Silence markets new applications focused on reducing noise annoyance. 4Silence has a focus on innovation and is using technological developments to translate these into solutions in the area of noise reduction. To reduce traffic noise, 4Silence developed a diffractor, the so called Whisstone. The Whisstone is a concrete element with cavities, which is installed next to the road surface. Instead of absorbing traffic noise, the diffractor diffracts it: it bends the noise upwards. The diffractor reduces tire/road noise by approximately 3 to 4 dB(A).

For more information check the Youtube video below (in Dutch).

AdChecker marks a new page in the evolution of online marketing. It gives business owners, managers and marketers the freedom to effectively manage their online performance. It delivers more sales leads at better returns thanks to its easy to understand reports and metrics that can be read at a glance. Without the need for in-depth training, and with built-in expert support only a click away, AdChecker is set to save businesses a small fortune in online marketing.

Athom (Homey)
A home without remote controls. A home that listens to you. A home that does exactly what you want. Homey does that for you. By connecting all your devices in a smart way, you never have to reach for your remote control or app again. Because Homey just listens to what you say and is smarter than you think. Homey successfuly crowdfunded its first batch of products and landed over €1 million seed investment recently.

As specialists in low latency ADCs and efficient codecs, Axign has mastered digital feedback loops and developed the technology and IC solutions that let you harness acoustic feedback in your digital audio systems. That means you can embed sophisticated digital control into your amplifier designs while reducing system complexity and costs – no matter if the design offers just a few milli-Watts or pumps out hundreds of Watts.

Clear Flight Solutions (Robird)
Clear Flight Solutions creates unmanned aircraft systems and specializes in bird control and aerial inspections. We solve problems by combining the strength of nature with new technologies.

Cloud9 Health Solutions (Research Manager)
Research Manager is a software solution for scientists to professionalize the process of clinical studies and quality registrations.

Creatlr (previously known as enables teams to innovate faster, save money, find peers and share hands-on tools with the world. They integrate proven design thinking methods with a social platform and productivity tools. Thanks to design thinkers around the world they have become the largest open platform for people like you.

DataTeam Partners
Data-based decision making has become increasingly important within secondary education. Experience shows that, only far too often, little use is being made of all the information that is available at schools. Data-based decision making seems to be a marvelous concept, but how can one implement this concept in a practical way? The project Datateam Partners aims to do just that: to support schools to implement data-based decision making into their daily practice at school.

DOVIDEQ medical (ScopeControl)
The ScopeControl endoscope tester is a dedicated measurement device to verify the quality of rigid endoscopes. ScopeControl secures quality management of the endoscopes in use in the operations theatre. It increases patient safety and total quality control, while improving operational excellence and reducing costs.

At this time, there is still a substantial potential in the realization of the sustainability of the Agri-food sector and the built environment, where those concerned are eagerly looking for heat storage solutions. The currently known systems only store energy for short periods of time or the realization of such a system is not economically cost-effective. However, the Ecovat energy storage system has an innovative principle: affordable thermal energy storage across the seasons. On the cutting surface of Agrifood, renewable energy and the built environment, Ecovat is the missing link.

Fasha is the one and only fashion price comparator in the Netherlands. Search and compare 1 million items from 200 shops. Your style and size  for the lowest price in the market.

GENALICE is a highly innovative biomedical big data company, with global headquarters in the Netherlands. GENALICE designs and builds groundbreaking software solutions for ultra-fast, highly accurate and cost-effective DNA data processing and analysis on general purpose hardware.

Ipsum Energy
Ipsum Energy offers energy management solutions. Ipsum customers receive deeper insight into their consumption patterns, broken down over time and per appliance group.  This rich data is shared in monthly reports, but also online via a personalized website and a dedicated mobile app.

MoZone (Pinvite)
Fancy a good night out or sharing a drink with your friends? See the location of your friends and find the hottest events and most popular bars – all on one map! Invite your friends with a simple push of a button or go and joint them. And get access to exclusive coupons. With Pinvite, you’ll never miss out!

NociTRACK has developed unique new medical technology that will lead to large-scale, evidence-based early diagnosis to prevent the development of acute pain into chronic pain.

SCREVO is a rising biotech company that produces versatile three-dimensional (3D) well systems. Our mission is to address bottlenecks in preclinical research while increasing the throughput of data produced by researchers. Our patented platforms can be used for a broad range of in-vitroand in-vivo experiments in both industrial and academic research settings.

Seezers is a platform to help companies jump-start innovation by crowdsourcing fresh insights.

Susteq believes that everyone has a right to reliable water access. We help organizations with installation of prepaid water meters in rural and urban communities. Because people in these communities pay a small amount for water access, their water points can be maintained in a sustainable way.

TechFillers develops and manufactures innovative additives and fillers for the civil engineering sector and construction industry based on the Cerafill technology. This enables us to improve the thermodynamic (heat) behavior of infrastructure and building materials.

Tide Microfluidics
Tide Microfluidics’ novel platform technology allows for the creation of monodisperse microbubbles. Our platform shows a robust method for the production of microbubbles of highly controlled size with a narrow size distribution. Our unique platform enables the formation of monodisperse microbubbles with size choice between 2 to 10 microns and a narrow size distribution.

Triboform Engineering
Triboform is a spinoff company of the University of Twente and offers a software solution for tribology and friction modeling in metal forming processes. It is a standalone software tool to evaluate friction conditions between user-defined metal-lubricant combinations. Both boundary- and mixed lubrication problems can be analyzed by accounting for material properties, surface characteristics and process variables.

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Disclaimer: this overview is not complete, as some companies prefer to operate under the radar for now. This overview relates to the ‘new’ TOP program only (since 2011). We will update this post regularly.