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Finding investors can be a time-consuming process. Of course there are several lists with an overview of (almost) all investors, but how do you find the investors that best suit your startup? And then, how do you convince them to have a look at your company?

For exactly that reason we have set up an Investor Search service. We give you insights into the most relevant (venture capital) investors and help you to get in touch with them.

This saves you days of work and increases your chances of a good deal with a relevant investor!

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Dutch venture capital investors

Over the past years we have built an extensive database with the profiles of almost all 140+ (venture capital) investors that are active in the Netherlands, including Arches Capital, Security-of-Things fund, SHIFT Invest, Peak Capital, Newion Investments, Cottonwood Technology Fund, Prime Ventures and henQ. We keep track of their investment strategies, preferences and criteria. They give us information and in return we help them to find the best startups with it.

We use our database to see exactly which investors are relevant to your startup. That may also be foreign investors who are actively looking in the Netherlands.

Looking for angel investors? We have our own network of angel investors and we also work a lot with partners, banks and other organizations that can complement us. We ensure that you get in touch with those networks.

Investor Search process

If you are looking for an investor now or later, we can help you find the most relevant investors and get in touch with them. Provide us with your information so that we can help you to quickly get the attention of many relevant investors.

After we have received your information, we will search our database. We will send you a shortlist with the investors that seem most relevant to us. You can then indicate with which investors you would like to get in touch with. We can approach these investors for you, and if they are also open to an acquaintance (double opt-in), we bring you in contact with each other.

We are usually not involved in the (follow-up) discussions with the investors. We will also not review your pitch deck, business plan or proposition extensively. If you do need this, we recommend our Investor Readiness session.

What will you get and how much will it cost?

There are three Investor Search flavors:

  1. Free scan - If you want to know what investor we think is most relevant for your startup, hit "Start free scan" below. We'll send you one investor name that you can contact yourself.
  2. Quick scan (€250,-) - If you want to have an indication of all relevant investors, hit "Start quick scan" below. We will provide you with a list but won't bring you in touch with investors. You can always fill in the full scan later.
  3. Full package - If you are serious about getting in touch with investors, contact Thomas Mensink. He can advise you about your fundraising strategy and investor readiness and can also introduce you to relevant investors.
 Free scan
  • A name of an investor that we think fits best to your startup
  • Or: advise about alternative options if we think that you're not investor ready yet

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Quick scan (€250)
  • A personalized overview of relevant investors (generally top 5-10)
  • A short explanation per investor on why we think it's a good match and what possible drawbacks are
  • Short feedback on your pitch deck (what was unclear, what important questions are unaddressed?)

We charge €250 (excl. BTW) for a Investor Search quick scan

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Prefer to look for investors yourself?

Results & reviews

  • "It's really going in the right direction with <VC>." - Founder of AI startup
  • "Thanks again for you email and introduction! We have read the pitch deck with great interest and we definitely see a possible match with <our investor base>." - Investor in the angel domain 
  • "Thank you Thomas! You rock!" - Founder software startup
  • "Meeting with <VC> was great. They think it makes more sense that an informal with invest first but for the next round they are interested. Thanks so far!" - Founder hightech startup
  • "I've studied it. I'd love to get in touch with the entrepreneur. Get I contact him directly?" - Investor in the angel domain 
  • "Just wanted to say thank you again. I will keep you in the loop after next week's meetings!" - Founder software startup
  • "Thanks for organizing the meeting at 'Meet the VCs' in Delft yesterday. Good matches!" - Hightech VC
  • "Hi Thomas, thanks so much again for introducing us to the Meet the VCs event at YES!Delft. Was very successful." - Impact investor
  • "Hi Thomas, very cool! I will contact <VC>. Thank you so much for your help." - Founder software startup

Sounds good? Let's go!

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Are you serious about looking for investors?

If you are serious about getting in touch with investors, please contact Thomas Mensink via thomas[at] for advise on fundraising and investor readiness. However, our preferred way is to start with the Free Scan so we have all the information we need to inform and advise you.