Startup scouting

Startup scouting

How to scout great startups?

Collaboration with startups seems an interesting strategy for any innovative organization. We believe that it can certainly have added value, as a partner or customer, as an investor or acquisition, or to be ahead of a threat of disruption to the industry.

Mapping out interesting startups in an early phase can thus become a distinguishing factor. But if you want to collaborate with startups, you need to find them first. You can of course wait for startups to knock on your door, but you can also actively search for startups.

How do you find them?

Well, a number of tools and databases are available free of charge or as freemium. They can be very useful for a targeted search for a certain type of founder or startup.

These databases offer a list of (Dutch) startups and are therefore a good starting point. The disadvantage of the databases is that they are not complete (especially startups that have not yet raised funding are missing) and that it is difficult to assess the quality of the startups.

We can help you find good, relevant startups.

What startups to look for?

startups scoutenFirst of all, it is important to think about who you want to find. Based on the strategic route of your organisation, you can think about a fit with the market and technology areas of startups, and the phase they are in.

But it is good to think from the startup’s perspective too. Startups are often still looking for a good business model. A partner that can offer revenue, knowledge or social proof can be of great added value. At the same time, startups have an intense focus. Collaboration with a corporate only makes sense if it fits well with the strategy of the startup. A partnership must obviously be beneficial to both parties.

How we can help you to scout relevant startups

We are startup analysts with a background in performing market analyses for or about startups. We use a combination of tools and channels, which includes our own software and startup database, to find good startups. In addition, we have a large network in the Netherlands, including at the technical universities. This enables us to quickly find startups.

It is not our goal to find as many startups as possible. It is our goal to find good startups that fit well with your search.

Usually our process is as follows:

  1. We construct a search profile for (types of) startups based on your needs;
  2. We look for good startups directly and approach organizations (such as incubators, accelerators and hubs) that have a large network of relevant startups;
  3. We will map startups, make a quick assessment of whether the startup is relevant and good, and prioritize the startups;
  4. We share our scouting results and progress periodically (weekly summary) or in real time;
  5. We may contact the contact person ourselves or provide you with the details. If we approach the contact person, we will always send a personal message.

Depending on the scope of the search, we can estimate in advance how many startups we think we will be able to find.

Assessing the quality of startups

If you do not only want to scout startups but also need our tools and support to assess the quality of the startups, please get in touch with us.

Our experience enables us to quickly assess the quality and potential of startups.

Technology scouting

Sometimes it is desirable to not only search for startups, but also to scout break-through research and promising technology. We work together with a number of universities to map the (commercalization potential) of research and technology. This helps us to quickly find relevant technology.


Contact Gilles Meijer via gilles[at] or +31 (0)53 450 0012 to discuss how we can help you to scout (and assess) relevant startups. He can also mention some recent projects in which we have been scouting for good startups.