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Our team consists of a unique mix of business analysts and software developers. We combine our insights and experiences in the high tech-, startup- and venture capital market with software tools to be able to select tomorrow's winners even better.

That makes us awesome startup analysts.


Gilles Meijer

Head analyses & assessments

Thomas Mensink

Investor relations
Analyses & assessments

Erwin Starke

Software engineer

Yaïr Sharon

Junior Business Analyst

Anna Dyachenko

Customer Success

Floor Englebert

Junior Business Analyst

Albert-Jan de Croes

Junior Business Analyst

Jaap Beernink



As startup analysts we collect and analyze a lot of data about the startup ecosystem. On our blog we share our insights with regard to the startup- and venture capital market (not all in English). Read and follow our blog here.

Latest blog posts:

Frank Appeldoorn Arches Capital At The Money
PODCAST: Frank Appeldoorn (Arches Capital): ‘Wij zijn angels die als een VC te werk gaan’
Een syndicaat van angel investors; dat bestond in het buitenland maar was in Nederland nog onontgonnen terrein, ontdekte Frank Appeldoorn
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Willemijn Schneyder podcast
PODCAST: Willemijn Schneyder (SwipeGuide): ‘Inlevingsvermogen is belangrijker voor startups dan snelheid’
Alles stond voor SwipeGuide in de startblokken begin dit jaar om de omzet te verviervoudigen. Maar door de coronacrisis verdubbelde
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Startup funding 2020Q3
Nederlandse startups halen meer geld op in derde kwartaal
Investeerders hebben ruim 510 miljoen euro geïnvesteerd in Nederlandse startups in het derde kwartaal van 2020. Dat is 50 miljoen
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Open positions

We are often looking for new talent, but not at the moment.

Nevertheless, if you think that we're better of with than without you, please send us a message with your motivation.

We also open for support for students and researchers that are researching startups and venture capital. Please send us a message in which you describe your research.