Investor Search

Investor Search

Find relevant venture capital investors

Looking for funding? At Golden Egg Check we keep track of the investment strategies, preferences and criteria of all (venture capital) investors in the Netherlands.

We want to help you to target the right investors in an easy and informal way. This is how it works:
1) tell us a bit about your company and your funding need below
2) we will search our database for the most relevant investors and send a list right to your inbox
3) you check our list and let us know with which investors you'd like to get in touch
4) we will ask the investors if they'd like to get in touch with you too
5) we will connect you with the interested investors

This is a free service of Golden Egg Check, because we want to make it easier for startups and investors to find each other. We will never share your private information with third parties, except for the investors that you'd like us to introduce you to. We might send you offers from our selected and relevant partners that can help you in your fundraising or scaling-up process though. That's how we can finance this free service. We hope you understand.

You have two options now:

If you want to have an indication of the relevant investors, hit "Quick scan" below. We will provide you with a list but won't bring you in touch with investors. You can always fill in the full scan later. 

If you are serious about getting in touch with investors, hit "Full scan" below. This will help us to better understand your proposition before we actually introduce you to investors. 

Sounds good? Let's go!

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We will work on automating and optimizing this process so your feedback is more than welcome. Please send it to thomas[at]