Investor readiness

Investor readiness

Is your startup investor ready?

Are you now or soon looking for an investor for your startup? Make sure you’re well prepared and investor ready. We can help you with that.

Golden Egg Check keeps track of the investment strategies, preferences and criteria of (venture capital) investors. We build our expertise and tools around that knowledge. In this way, we know how venture capital investors assess startups and what they find important.

If you apply their criteria to your startup, you can get an estimation of your investor readiness.

This helps startups to understand and improve their investor readiness and be well prepared for investors (and their nasty questions).

The criteria of venture capital investors

Venture capital investors use criteria to assess startups. Based on our analysis with over a hundred investors, we know they generally prefer:

  • great teams with committed entrepreneurs that have relevant domain knowledge & track records, as well as complementary expertises;
  • strong execution –  teams with ambition that have a solid go-to-market/ growth strategy, and that are able to identify & manage risks;
  • startups with growth potential, also international, and a scalable business model;
  • a big market opportunity – startups that have a clear target market that is large and growing;
  • a clear and compelling value proposition – startups that solve painful problems for the customer and can demonstrate a market demand;
  • strong competitive edge – startups that have a superior value proposition that they can protect from competitors, and that can obtain an attractive position in their value chain;
  • a great investment opportunity – startups that have credible yet attractive financial outlooks and exit potential.

How well does your startup score on these criteria?

investor readiness assessment


Prefer an external assessment of your investor readiness?

With our experience we can also help you to assess your investor readiness and become more investor ready.

In a session we will screen your startup as investors would. So see us as a rehearsal, but then one that helps with your next steps too. After the session, we will provide you with quick wins and strategic recommendations to increase your investor readiness. And if you are investor ready enough, we can introduce you to investors that match you well.

Contact Thomas Mensink via thomas[at] to discuss the possibilities.

Do you need help to find investors?

Look at how we can help you to find and attract relevant venture capital investors at our Investor Search page.


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