We work with hundreds of startups per year. Some are extremely good, many are (at best) too early for an external investor. We can scout good startups for you that have a fit with you or your fund. We can also assist in assessing, classifying and benchmarking tech startups, both as external analysts and by facilitating your screening process with our software tools.

GEC Insights

We have a monthly mailing, the GEC Insights, to gather the best insights, analyses, tools and best practices about the Dutch startup and venture capital ecosystem and share them with you. It also includes the most comprehensive overview in the Netherlands of venture capital deals in the past month. You can subscribe to GEC Insights below for free (mailing will be in Dutch).

These are five recent GEC Insights (in Dutch):

Startup database

We structure the scouting process for investors and make it more transparent and faster. We think that it is in the interests of both the entrepreneur and the investors if they can easily find each other, preferably well before the startup needs financing. Therefore, we do not work with success fees as a percentage of the deal.

We have the largest curated database in the Netherlands with good, relevant tech startups that are looking for funding now or soon. Our analysts have selected all relevant startups based on classification, analyses and/ or conversations with the entrepreneurs. Investors can access this database as a SaaS model. Our analysts are available for additional analyses and explanations.

Do you have a specific question about a particular sector or type of startup? Or is one-time insight enough? Then a specific scouting project may be better suited. We will provide a report with relevant startups and their characteristics.

Startup assessments

You probably have a set of criteria that you use to assess startups, implicitly or explicitly. We have developed an assessment based on the 21 most important criteria of venture capital investors. These criteria include the team, value proposition, growth and competitive edge.

We can offer you the software tools to assess startup yourself in a structured and objective manner. We can also do a (second opinion) assessment for you. In that case, we assess the startup for potential and feasibility, and we explain the struggles and growth signals. This helps you to invest more consciously.

By default, our assessments also contain a brief market analysis to estimate the market conditions, uniqueness and competitive position of the startup. Our assessments are also available as quick scan.

If we do multiple assessments (for example for seed funds and accelerator programs) we will also benchmark the startups.

Our customers & partners

We are convinced that our customers are satisfied with us. Contact us, then we can get you in touch with a similar customer so you can check his/ her experience with us directly.

Please find some examples below of our recente projects to help investors to find and assess startups as well as some market insights. More references are available upon request.

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