Whitepaper: Corporate-startup collaborations

Whitepaper: Corporate-startup collaborations

How do Dutch companies innovate with startups?

47% of Dutch listed companies innovate together with startups. Especially in the financial sector there are a lot of corporate-startup cooperations.

This is based on our survey of the annual reports of Dutch listed companies. 46 of the 98 companies engage in activities with startups. 52 corporates do hence not yet have any noteworthy activities that relate to startups.

Corporate-startup samenwerkingen

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By scanning through 98 annual reports for innovation strategies, we have gained many insights on how Dutch listed companies innovate, with or without startups.

Do you want to have more insight in how companies in your industry innovate? Know how your organization compares to them? Keen to know what opportunities we still see to improve collaborations with startups? We have written a whitepaper that we personalize for each company. Order the whitepaper below for €1,495 (excl. VAT).

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