Security of Things fund (managed by Value Creation Capital) just announced its investment in glimpse facial recognition startup 20face. Golden Egg Check’s Thomas Mensink is a startup scout for the Security of Things fund and sourced this deal for the fund.

20face was founded in 2017 as an innovative spin-off of the University of Twente that created its own technology platform & software to provide facial identification. We know the 20face team from the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Twente and have supported them several times, e.g. in their application for the Take-Off grant.

The edge of 20face’s technology is a unique combination of regional machine learning and AI algorithms that makes the technology extremely robust to lighting conditions, pose variations, low resolutions and even partly occluded faces; all that is needed is a glimpse of a face for recognition. The technology is extremely “light-weight” which makes it very suitable for embedding it in small devices and scaling it to a large volume of video streams. 20face’s aim is to develop the first worldwide glimpse facial identification platform that is privacy proof, user-driven and ultimately secured. This technology/software will be a key enabler in domains varying from hospitality, ticketing and healthcare to security, surveillance and cyber security.

Read the full press release on Value Creation Capital’s website: