Venture workspace

We give individual innovations and new ventures grip and insights on strategy and improvement of performance to enable them to accelerate their way to success. Key modules are:

Challenge and assess potential, feasibility and investor readiness. Identify opportunities to improve and analyze impact of actions. We offer standard or customized checks, both based on research, best practices and continuous improvement.

Pitch book and business plan
An online workplace to build and develop a business proposition, a dynamic equivalent of the traditional business plan.

Business modelling
Define the key elements of a ventures proposition with tools based on the Golden Circles (Simon Sinek), value proposition and business model canvas (Alex Osterwalder, Ash Maurya).

Venture roadmaps
Define milestones and achievements with respect to the development of your market or product.

Performance metrics
Choose relevant metrics and monitor your performance in different phases (i.e. exploration, validation, execution).

Community area

Involve community members with their expertise and network via ideation, challenges, fora and feedback tools. Different people that can be relevant for innovation are connected with each other and can contribute to different ventures. Key modules are:

Challenge forum
Involve community members by sharing ‘challenges’ and questions. Members can share and like, but most importantly react to challenges with feedback, tips, etc. and help other innovators.

Venture and member galleries
It is easy to search and find relevant ventures, experts and coaches within our overviews with respect to ventures and members in a community.

Activity overview
Find out about relevant workshops and events in the community, or download relevant documentation and check out community announcements.

Portfolio management

We improve efficiency and increase the manageability of the process through enabling better decision-making, monitoring and guidance on relevant metrics. Key modules are:

Performance monitoring
Monitor your portfolio metrics to optimize the progress of your ventures and success and create best practices.


Funnel management
Manage your organization's ventures by embedding our tools in your stage-gate model. Our toolset facilitates strategic and financial decision-making on both venture and corporate level by benchmarking ventures.

Community management
Start challenges, update community members, create a library or invite members for workshops and events.

Software modules

PitchDashboard CheckGECmatrixValue proposition canvasGolden CirclesDashboard progressPerformance scoreDashboard experiment statisticsExportBusiness model generationPerformance detailsVenture galleryMember galleryIdeabooster - dashboardIdeabooster - challengesActivity - Training & EventsActivity - AnnouncementsMetrics CasesMetrics InvestmentsMetrics BenchmarksMetrics CasesMetrics InvestmentsMetrics BenchmarksMetrics benchmarks averagePerformance detailsVenture galleryMember galleryIdeabooster - dashboardIdeabooster - challengesIdeabooster - a challengeActivity - Training & EventsActivity - The trainingActivity - AnnouncementsDashboard CheckGECmatrixPerformance scoreDashboard experiment statisticsPerformance DetailsGolden CirclesValue proposition canvasBusiness model generationPitchDashboard roadmapDashboard progressSWOTExport