Team & partners

Who we are

Our work results in enhanced innovation capabilities and the launch of new ventures. We have been supporting hundreds of innovative companies, in order to accelerate their growth and make strategic decisions, raise funding and/or get a critical reflection. An unstoppable entrepreneurial spirit drives our success, curiosity motivates us every day. We are a team of innovation enthusiastic, with backgrounds in business, software and design.  

Jaap Beernink


Erwin Starke

Software engineer

Gilles Meijer


Caspar Schutijser

Software engineer

Thomas Mensink

Business analyst

Dennis Eijkel

Software engineer

Sebastian Panman de Wit

Business Analyst

Bart Raatgerink

Software engineer


We're very proud that thousands of innovators experience the added value of our software, but we are also very pleased to be accompanied by a group of partner companies that love to work with our toolset and enrich the use of it with their services. Together we build tomorrow’s ventures!

Real-life investors tell us what kind of criteria we need to use in our toolset. We have involved over 200 investors, among them are leading Dutch venture capital firms like TechNano Fund, SHIFT invest, Peak Capital, Value Creation Capital, Newion Investments, Cottonwood Technology Fund, Prime Ventures and henQ.

Contact us if you are interested in our partnership program of want to be one of ‘our’ investors.