Entrepreneurs, teams, and their coaches and advisors, can use the Golden Egg Check toolset to:

You can also easily challenge your business case from an investor’s point of view by assessing it with our checks that include the criteria of venture capital investors. In different dashboard diagrams you will immediately see where to improve and increase the potential and investor readiness of your case. Need funding? After assessing your business case with our check you will also see which (type of) investors match you best.

Beside our 'check' modules you can also:

  • Build and challenge your value proposition and business models 
  • Create a more in-depth business plan 
  • Define roadmaps to success
  • Monitor and improve your performance
  • Invite coaches, experts and investors

In addition to the software, our services (market feasibility studies, business development) bring in hands-on expertise to help you develop your business and attract the resources needed. We help you to create the future.

Meet some of our customers.

In our search for investors for a new round of funding, we have assessed our proposition with the Golden Egg Check. It has given us very valuable insights and above all allowed us to critically evaluate ourselves and our proposition from the perspective of a prospective investor. Within our team we already have experience with investors, but the Golden Egg Check has been a very fresh way to be well prepared for a new round of funding. In this phase of the investment process the check and the related company valuation offered us a perfect foundation for our conversation with investors. I would therefore strongly recommend entrepreneurs to make use of the Golden Egg Check!
Henny OordEntrepreneur the e-Nose company