Our toolset enriches your scouting and screening activities by providing assessment and benchmark tools. We can help you in ranking hundreds of innovative ideas to a selection of the best ideas. We take care of your ‘fear of missing out’. We also enable you to easily monitor the progress and performance of the companies you’ve invested in. Combined with our market intelligence services we add value to the due diligence and decision-making process, providing you with quick, but thorough market scans.

Every month, we send out a GEC Insights to the investors in our database. This mailing includes the most relevant analysis and insights regarding the Dutch venture capital ecosystems. Investors can sign up for GEC Insight via the form below (mailing will be in Dutch).

Meet some of our customers.

Meet some of our customers.

Golden Egg Check helps us to scout and screen relevant ventures for our TechNano Fund. Their market scans provide us with relevant insights with respect to the market potential of our potential investment companies, it really adds value to our due diligence.
Willem van den BergTechNanoFund