Fast changing markets, new disruptive technologies, unforeseen competitors and traditional business models struggle to deliver growth. You innovate or die, now even faster than ever. This world is for the innovators, a world full of opportunities. Is your organization well equipped to really innovate? Traditional innovation management approaches for innovation are insufficient to meet the challenge. Our software facilitates a way of innovating based on the lean startup method, by building new ventures within or outside your organization. In addition to the software our services bring in hands-on expertise based on more than 25+ years of startup experience. We help you create the future.


Meet some of our customers.

Meet some of our customers

The GEC methodology and its corresponding tools have given us very valuable insights and above all allowed us to really evaluate the potential of our innovations. It was an eye-opener to use the criteria of real-life, external, investors instead of our own set of checks and balances.